Many of you will remember him from his days with Public Enemy, but he is much more than the rapper you imagined. He is a dedicated family man and community educator. 

In this episode of the podcast, we have a candid conversation with Professor Griff about the status of relationships these days. We also talk about the effects of social media on the emotions and why it seems that every other person is being diagnosed with depression.

While the entire interview is amazing, my favorite part has to be the tips Professor Griff gives relating to communication. You can tell he has taken the time to learn what went wrong in past relationships so as not to repeat those mistakes. His eyes light up when we talk about his wife. 

Ladies, do yourself a favor and listen up. Griff is sharing “barbershop conversations” not because he has to, but because he wants you to be ahead of the game. We have been losing for too long. 

Your feedback is always welcome. You will find links to connect with Professor Griff below.



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Sophia Antoine

Sophia Antoine

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