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Losing weight is a struggle; I think we can all agree with that. What weight loss doesn’t have to be is boring. You can eat delicious foods. You can have fun while working out. Tamira Johnelle discovered this a while ago and since then, she has been sharing it with the world.

Tamira went on a weight loss journey of her own and discovered that foods don’t have to be bland and tasteless. She wrote a book that contains her favorite recipes. Tamira also developed several programs and challenges to assist women to try new foods. While it is necessary to eat good food, it doesn’t have to be boring. She also makes it a point to share that weight loss isn’t just about food. Lack of sleep causes a rise in cortisol. That causes an increase in belly fat. 

There are so many reasons to want to lose weight. Women are bombarded with images day in and day out that doesn’t even resemble the “average” woman, but yet we tend to want to look like “her”. So much so, women put their lives at risk by submitting themselves to plastic surgery and other dangerous methods of losing weight.  There is a better way. You just have to be willing to put in a little more time and effort. 

Let Tamira come alongside you and show you a different way.

Sophia Antoine

Sophia Antoine

Your Courageous Coach + Podcast Host

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