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Antoinette Gabriel is such an amazing person in addition to being a fantastic realtor. 

She went from living paycheck to paycheck to homeowner in less than six months. She fed her family on $25 worth of groceries per week. What prompted such a drastic regimen? She woke up one morning to find her vehicle being towed away from her rental property. This sparked a fire in her that is still burning ever so fiercely to this day. She disciplined herself to make it possible for her to get a home where she could park in her garage.

In this episode, Antoinette challenges YOU to set big goals and become financially free. She wants you to track your spending and find out where your money goes. What do you need to be financially free?

I know you will say you don’t know where to start. So let me ask you this…How do you eat an elephant? The answer – one bite at a time. I have a worksheet available to for you to do just that. Just enter your information below and it will be sent to you. It’s a great tool to get you started on your GOAL GETTING journey

If you’re ready for a more advanced level, Antoinette has a course starting soon that will get you ready for homeownership and/or teach you how to divorce you landlord to become a landlord.

To check out her course, click HERE. Class starts on June 28th. If you can’t make it live, the replays will be available.a

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Sophia Antoine

Sophia Antoine

Your Courageous Coach + Podcast Host

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The episodes are meant to encourage women to abandon their comfort zones and start to dream again. It’s my mission to showcase everyday women who are doing amazing things so you can KNOW that it’s possible. Now, it is important that you realize that amazing is in the eye of the beholder. There is no judgment here. I want every woman to feel welcome and safe here. Feel free to contact me using the chat or the podcast hotline; 786.749.TALK (8255). I promise to respond within 24 hours.

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