You already know what time it is…..


Now that we got that out of our system, it’s important that we give June a proper burial. Decide now what you will leave there and what you plan to carry into July.

Well, half the year is over. I am not sure how or why it comes as a surprise every year, but it does. It seems like as I get older, the years go by faster.

I realize that I haven’t made this very clear, so here are the updates:

  • Podcast episodes are released every Wednesday morning at 5 AM Eastern time.
  • If you are listening to the podcast from a player and not from my site, head over to so you can access any links or downloads that may be associated with the episode.
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  • What are your thoughts on a Community Facebook Group? Let me know.
  • Did you know there is a dedicated podcast hotline, well there is – 786.749.TALK (8255)

June was a month where I experienced a lot of changes. I started a new job that I really like. The commute takes some getting used to, but I will manage. I’d love to start taking the train, but Hubby isn’t hearing it. UGH.

The Wants and Wins concept worked well in June. I will go that route again this month. How did you do with your goals?

Just in case you need a little support, enter your information below to get a procrastination worksheet. It can be helpful to write out what you have to do and the steps you will take to get there. This is a guided way to your goals.

On the podcast and the blog, we will celebrate:

  • National Blueberry Month – I like them now, but I didn’t always.
  • Unlucky Month for Weddings – Did anyone know this? I sure didn’t; my anniversary is on the 25th. I will do an episode about it.
  • National Ice Cream Month – what’s your favorite flavor?
  • National Picnic Month – Have you ever been on a real picnic? I haven’t
  • National Cell Phone Courtesy Month – Ooooh, some things just make my soul itch

Let me know what you are celebrating this month. Leave a comment, send an email, or connect with me on social media.

Sophia out !!

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Sophia Antoine

Sophia Antoine

Your Courageous Coach + Podcast Host

Hey there. I’m Sophia. I wrote the blog post up there. If there is a video attached, I recorded it too. I am a jack of all trades. Kinda. These posts are meant to encourage women and help them form new, more beneficialĀ habits. It’s my mission to provide helpful information to make it easy for women to change parts of their lives that they aren’t satisfied with. Now, it is important that you realize that it won’t be easy, but I am here with you. There is no judgment here. I want every woman to feel welcome and safe here. Feel free to contact me using the chat box or the podcast hotline.

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