A few years ago, when I started out as a coach, I turned, every idea I had into a coaching program. I was fleshing out programs and ideas left and right. Now ask me how many of them made it to the light of day.

Very few.

One that I really loved was Embrace Your F.L.A.W.S. It was developed for the woman who yearned to be her best self, but wasn’t sure where she to start. I identified five areas, the flaws, that provided a point of reference.

The five areas are focus, leadership, abundance, wellness, and self-confidence.

Let me explain further:

Focus – maybe you feel like you keep too many projects open at once, or you just want to pay greater attention to detail.

 Leadership – whether you aspire to be a leader, or you’re already in a leadership position and imposter syndrome has paralyzed you; encouragement is on the way.

Abundance – a lot of people got this all jacked up while abundance is usually associated with money, that’s not all. Abundance is also about appreciating what you already have. It’s learning to be content in your current situation while setting and achieving goals; it’s authentic happiness.

Wellness – life is so much more than physical wellness. There’s mental wellness, emotional wellness, and spiritual wellness; just to name a few. We will spend time unpacking it all.

Self-confidence – sometimes you can have everything else together, and still not have the confidence to execute. Take this post for example, it took me nearly two weeks to put it out there. I felt like if Embrace Your F.L.A.W.S. didn’t take off in 2017, what makes me think it would take off now.

That’s self-talk took two weeks to overcome. What self-talks are you having? How long have they been holding you back?

Want to know how I answered the questions? Here goes: I don’t know if embrace your flaws will take off this time. There are there are a different set of circumstances now. What’s important is that I try. Yes, this idea is three years old, but maybe I was ahead of my time. Maybe there were more things I needed to learn to be able to execute it well. I don’t know, but I won’t find out just sitting here.

The fact of the matter is, I was put here to help people, it’s my passion and my purpose. If the last 60 days has taught me nothing else. It taught me that I don’t have time to waste. I’m going to throw myself into helping as many people as possible.

I hope this includes you.

Until we meet again. Be courageous.


Sophia Antoine

Sophia Antoine

Your Courageous Coach + Podcaster

Sophia Antoine is a life coach who is dedicated to helping women to achieve balance and realize their purpose in this season of life. Sophia started her coaching business in 2016 to help women navigate the confusion that accompanies low self-esteem, harboring unforgiveness, and past traumatic experiences; conditions she also had to work through to become happy and whole. Through accountability and encouragement, Sophia guides her clients to rewrite their life stories and live an authentically happy life.

Prior to becoming a coach, Sophia was the primary caregiver for her husband after he was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, endured five years of dialysis, and underwent a successful kidney transplant surgery (Spouse/Family Caregiver Coaching coming soon).

They live together with their children in Southwest Florida.


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