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Do You Know How To Embrace Your F.L.A.W.S.? Let Me Teach You!

A few years ago, when I started out as a coach, I turned, every idea I had into a coaching program. I was fleshing out programs and ideas left and right. Now ask me how many of them made it to the light of day. Very few. One that I really loved was Embrace Your...

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7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Sleep and Feel Better Daily

*Disclosure: One or more of the links below are affiliate links. This means, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.A good night's sleep is akin to winning money on a scratch-off lottery ticket. It doesn't...

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It Starts with You

Everything  You may be asking yourself WHAT exactly is up to you and the short answer is everything.   This has been a rough year for many people, me included. I see social media posts, hear it from friends, and the news stories somehow get worse.   For me personally,...

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3 Forgotten Lessons About Life From Trading Places

Something New  Trading Places has got to be my favorite Christmas movie. Even though I don't believe it  was meant to be a holiday movie in the traditional sense. Over the last few years, I've gotten the itch to watch it starting in late November. I fully expect to...

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The Miraculous Story of Our Kidney Transplant

As if yesterday wasn't the epitome of excitement, today is the day. It's our kidneyversary. On December 10, 2015 my Husband received a kidney.   If you haven't read the previous post, you can get to it from HERE. I shared some of my most heartwarming memories from...

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